Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well, the Red Dress Project continues, but more behind the scenes than before. I am making progress, as evident by the loose fitting capris that were snug enough last summer if I'd have had a quarter in my back pocket you probably could have seen the imprint of the date. With a little more determination...and some good Spanx...I may be in the dress quicker than I thought!

It's been a wild week around VHS, prom is Friday night, and we've been Benchmark testing this week. Just for the record, I HATE Benchmark testing! I can only imagine how much the kids hate it. When we used to do standardized testing in school we could at least take a book to read if perchance we finished early, not so anymore! In fact, the whole signing in and signing out of test booklets is something akin to the to protocols of moving nuclear warheads...or so it seems. Some of the "rules" are ridiculous and insulting to our intelligence...but I'll climb off the soapbox now.

I was saddened to hear of the death of "Designing Women" Dixie Carter. I wish the producers and actors could know just how much laughter they brought to two struggling single-mom, college students. Shelley and I could really relate to those girls. Yeah, we watched Melrose Place, but it was from a outside-looking-in sort of things. They were a little to surreal, Julia, Suzanne, Mary Jo, and Charlene, on the other hand were like sisters. We understood their southern humor, we even got the subtle humor of the line, "she has no breeding, she wore while shoes after Labor Day and before Easter!"  Yep, we knew those southern fashion rules...I even sported the big hair and occasional shoulder pads. You left us on the floor crumbled with laughter, red faced and gasping for air when you were asked to re-decorate a nudist colony...the "well, we don't want wicker" and "I thought he was wearing a vest!" comments were just enough to give us a mental picture, and beauty queen Suzanne knew how to spot falsies.   I still channel Julia Sugarbaker when I'm a little angry and need to "tell someone off" in a civilized manor with dignity and decorum. My, but didn't she have a way with words. What has happened to TV? What happened to the clean humor? They were hilarious but not vulgar, and even though they were always fully clothed (and quite fashionably I might add) that show had top ratings. Oh, TV, what have you become? Give us more to which we can relate.

Goodbye, Dixie, may you rest in peace.

Hmmm, maybe Delta Burke and I could pass for sisters?

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