Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy things

Back to the happy posts. I decided to take a few shots of pictures of things that make me happy, and I got some good ones!  Let's spread the cheer, feel free to post a link to things that make you happy.  I'd do the McLinky thing, but I really don't know how and I don't think I have that many people who read my ramblings from a scattered mind...but I'd love to, so spread the word and let's be happy together!

This kid makes me happy.  He always has something funny to say and is usually the most pleasant kid to be around.  I love him dearly. (okay, this isn't the best picture, but I was driving...on our dirt road about 10 yards from the driveway with NO oncoming animals or people were harmed in the taking of this picture...or Dodge trucks, either)

These 2 kids make me happy.  I love listening to their conversations when they think no one can hear them.  Casey had intended to walk to the barn and out through the field by herself, but Logan turned on the tears and looked at her with those big blue eyes, so she said, "Come on, you can walk with me."  They ended up spending an hour together and having some good conversation.

Unexpected surprises make me happy.  I found this cute little gray & black tree frog perched on one of my lawn chairs.

Getting a fun new T-shirt makes me happy.  These are the VHS 2010 prom shirts.  I designed them and was really happy with the way they turned out.  (If you need a t-shirt design just give me a call or drop me a line..shameless plug, just in case you didn't catch that.)

This one is questionable.  It makes me happy to see Logan playing and having so much fun on his swing.  I wasn't too happy to see that he was standing on the TOP of the swing hanging onto a rope.  He's been watching way too many Indiana Jones movies, you can't really see the thick string around him, that's his "whip".  I never know what this child will come up with next!

One more thing that made me laugh out loud tonight I didn't even get a picture of (those will follow when our little project is finished).  Tonight Logan and I were working on a little project in the front yard.  I'm hiding the ugly blue drain pipes from the downspout drains with some big, flat rocks.  Logan and I had gotten most of them in place and realized we were still missing one big one.  Chris volunteered to carry it across the yard (we have a really big yard...I used the 4 wheeler to tote them from point A to point B) for us.  He brought us a really big one, lots bigger than Logan and I had used, and when he laid it down Logan looked up, grinned, and said, "Dad, you're the man!".  It was hilarious, but sure made Chris feel good.  He is the man!

Oh, one more thing that makes me happy...are you ready for this?...putting on a pair of pants that were a little snug and finding out they are quite loose.  Yay me!  (another shameless pat on the back for me)


Jean Rose said...

Oh, I truly enjoyed reading this entry. Of course, we have lots and lots of reasons to be happy but sometimes we don't take the time to appreciate them.

But that last paragraph was the punchline. Congrats! In no time at all, you'd be wearing that red dress again.

Megon said...

I enjoyed looking at the pictures!!! I look forward to dropping by to see those flowers next time were in! ;)