Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two down, many to go...

...landscape projects, that is.  After the torrential rains passed, Chris and I got outside and attempted a little more landscaping, okay, it was actually redoing some that we had done last year that really didn't look so great.   I also used the seeder to spread some fescue seeds on the recently dozed area.  I felt a little like Johnny Appleseed, only a little more high tech, and sowing fescue rather than apples, but for me it was a time to sow.  I hope the grass grows, I'm thinking I should have gotten some shady area grass seed and mixed with it, but I do have a tendancy to overdo seed planting, but I digress.  We moved the ugly brick things from around my little dogwood tree and replaced them with some really pretty, big rocks.  Two of the rocks I spotted behind a barn where Chris was working (Donna & Trooper, you'd love what I did with them, espceially since I got them out of your pasture)  They are curved and fit around my tree really well.  We only had one minor accident when Chris dropped a big rock on my finger, but though it's a little sore, it isn't broken...and it was an accident because he felt really bad about it.  Our little project did involve another trip to Lowe's, which isn't a quick thing for us, it's 30 miles to the nearest Lowe's, but we also made a little side trip by Chili's for a burger to go since it was supper time. (Logan was hungry ( ;    Anyway, we picked up more river rock and pea gravel (we've ditched the mulch and are going with pea gravel now), came home and fixed up the 2 little projects (pictures later).   Thankfully the rain we had settled the pollen, and I managed to get through the project without sneezing! 

On our way to Lowe's, the sun was just breaking through the rain clouds and God put the most beautiful rainbow in the sky for us.  It was very short lived, but it was one of the most brilliant rainbows I've ever seen, and wouldn't you know it, I didn't have my camera!  It's usually my American Express...I don't leave home without it! 

The next project will be the big one; I'm anxious to get started, but it's going to be lots of work.  Oh, do I have grand plans!  Anyone want to come help me...and bring nice, flat rocks?  Chris said he knows where we can get all we want, but we have to wait for cold weather because of the rattlesnakes.  Rattlesnakes?  I'll just buy the rocks if it means fighting snakes!

Just in case you're wondering about the Dress progress, don't ask.  We had supper with friends last night and she's a fantastic cook.  She also made a key-lime cheesecake...did I mention cheesecake is one of my favorites? 

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