Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 9

Somehow I skipped blogging yesterday; maybe it was because I had to make a mad dash to the grocery store because I knew I couldn’t do it tonight and we were out of everything, and my family was beginning to think I was punishing them by giving them nothing but bread and water…wait, that’s not true, we were out of bread. Casey went with me, and we made some pretty good choices. I think she’s getting on the bandwagon with me. It helps to have a menu planned rather than just walking down the aisles thinking, “Oooh, that looks really good!”

Today, however, was another test of willpower, parent/teacher conferences. You’re probably thinking it’s from the stress of having to talk to parents, but with only 1 ½ hours left in conference time, I’ve had 1, yes ONE, parent, and this student has something like a 94% percent, so it was a good conference. Basically, I sit here for 4 hours…well, longer than that because school dismisses at 12:30 and parents can drop in any time after that…with not much to do. The test comes from the potluck that some of the other teachers think we can’t make it through P/T conference day without. On the menu today, chili; I didn’t eat it, it is 72 degrees outside and chili just didn’t do it for me today. I would have voted for a deli sandwich tray, but there wasn’t a vote. I tried to do my part for healthy and brought a fruit pizza for dessert (reduced cal. Sugar cookie dough, lite cream cheese, and lots of fresh fruit). It was a pretty good hit, but the dessert table was loaded with pecan pie, chocolate cake with gooey chocolate icing, coconut cream pie (not a temptation for me), and cheesecake. Yep, it had to be cheesecake. I resisted the chili and chose 7 layer salad and Mexican dip instead. I had a piece of my fruit pizza and then I came back to my classroom. That cheesecake is calling my name. Maybe when I go back to pick up my dish it will all be gone and the crisis will be averted. I hope so; I need all the help I can get! I have managed to get extra water in today, though, which probably means I will be up all night, but we won’t go there. Having a liter bottle really helps me keep track, and since I’ve been forcing so much water my ankles haven’t been so swollen. Did I mention I have a concrete floor? Standing on it all day makes the dogs tired.

Oh, we went through the new high school building with Mr. Mike (the general contractor) today. He pointed out where all the fixtures and everything will be, and told us the cabinet guy would be here a week from Monday. I’m so excited, it won’t be much longer! I’ll definitely have some pictures of my new classroom to show you…maybe even a video…hmmm, there’s an idea.

Enough ramblings from a scattered mind, I need to go get my dish… maybe there will be one little slice of fruit pizza left….and no cheesecake.

Oh, did I mention I got new shoes?  I'm ready for warm weather!  I love shoes!

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