Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One year.


Christmas 1974 and the Baby Alive dolls Donna and I wanted so badly.  If you think about it, those things were just gross!

Easter in either '91.  Casey loved "Cat" and wanted you to ride with her.

Christmas 1996, Austin loved your whiskers.
Christmas 2007.  Logan made himself at home in your lap.

Christmas 2008, the last picture I took of you.
It's funny how we remember certain things we did on certain dates.  I remember posting on this very blog exactly one year ago today, and it remeber it being a very short post; that was all I could manage.  One year ago I lost my Daddy to small cell carcinoma lung cancer.  He had valiantly fought the disease for 5 years, but cancer doesn't fight fair and he lost. He would not have lost a fair fight.

Daddy, I miss you.  I think of you every time Austin wants to go fishing.  I know how you would have enjoyed sitting on a river bank or in a John boat with him.  You would laugh at his stories...he always has one.  You would get a kick out of Logan, too.  You would shake your head and say the same thing we do, "where did he come up with that?"  You would get yourselves in trouble by telling him to do something ornery...and he would do it.   You would be amazed at the beautiful young woman your first grandchild has grown to be...and how much she looks and acts like her mother.  You always said she was stubborn...just like her mother, then you would laugh. 

I treasure all the fun times, the camping trips, trips to Rush, and the long nights at rodeo arenas when you would draw up in one of the last go's...maybe it was because I went to the rodeo dance while the rest of you waited to rope? 

I miss you, but I know I will see you again in Heaven.  You told me that, and that is one of the most treasured memories I have.

I have to go to bed now.  I have an awful headache from crying, and I know you would laugh if you could see me, and tell me there was no reason for tears.

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The Garners said...

I can't believe it's been a year. I remember your post a year ago. Those are all great pictures.