Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Oh joy, I discovered a little tab on the Blogger thingie that said "New templates", and was thrilled.  Completely filled with joy that I could, once again, change my blog to make it more "me".  WRONG.  I like this one, but it was either blue skies and green grass (I'm just waiting for a "m" bird to show up in the background and really push me over the edge...explanation will be given if you really want it, but just ask my art students what I think about drawing "m" birds...birds do NOT look like M's when they fly...but I digress), anyway, it was either this or one with pink stripes that reminded me way too much of a Victoria's Secret bag.  Somehow that just didn't go with the theme of my blog, maybe because at this point in the journey to a new weight,  Vicki's Secret is not a store in which I will be doing lots of shopping (some of those pants are so low rise if that model sneezes there will be no more Secret!, and cleavage, not my thing.  Just ask my 21 year old, well blessed daughter...I suggested she wear a turtleneck.)

I'm rambling, I'm tired, yet here I am clicking away at the keys like there is someone in cyberspace who hangs on my every word and weeps with joy when they see I have a new post. (If you are that person, please step away from the computer and into the real world because I know I can't be that interesting.)  I guess it's just my place to vent...and ask the stupid questions that make my husband just give me that weird look and shake his head.  He doesn't understand the inner workings of an ADD mind.  (I really think I have ADD, that may explain all the ellipses when I type out a did ellipse get its name?...isn't that just another word for an oval shape?...but these aren't oval shaped....I wonder if we have any ice cream.)

Back to my blog project.  I'm loving this warm weather.  I got out tonight and took a walk, in flip flops because my "walking" shoes give me shin splints.  It's pretty bad when you can walk farther and faster is a pair of Crocs flip flops than you can in an $85 pair of New Balance walking shoes, but I'm not giving up hope, I will, eventually, find the perfect pair of walking shoes.  I'm seriously looking at the Reebok EasyTone, they might be a challenge, I like the looks of them, and they are supposed to help tone your butt and legs (hey, all the girl in the commercial has to do it put them on then drape herself across the bed, I'm really going to walk in mine!).  The Sketchers ShapeUps just didn't thrill me at all, the soles are huge, and I'm already 5'9", if I add the 3" ShapeUps a passerby my mistake me for Towanda, the amazing Amazon woman. (gotta love "Fried Green Tomatoes"). 

So here's the question of the day, do you have the EasyTone shoes, or have you tried them.  What are your suggestions?  I'm interested in your opinion... no, really, I am. 

I think I'll take my frazzled mind to bed now, the fresh air and sunshine did so much to help my disposition this afternoon.  I'm looking forward to another walk tomorrow.  I love spring.

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Megon said...

I love the back ground! Aunt Jeanie has those shoes!!!