Sunday, March 21, 2010

Days 10 & 11

Not much to report other than I woke up with a sick headache today and still feel like crud.  The headache is coming back, maybe because Casey decided to cook a little microwaveable chocolate things that's supposed to take 30 seconds, but she accidentally added an extra zero, and 2 mintues later, after smoke filled the house, she realized her mistake.  Now the house smells like scorched brownies, but the Lampe Berger is working its magic to get the smell out. 

Yesterday I had a Silpada party, and if you haven't seen this line of jewelry you need to, it's gorgeous!  I have a wish list as long as my arm; the hard part will be paring it down to the peices I really, really like. 

Tomorrow is our anniversary.  I wonder what I could do for Chris.  I think I'll grill some steaks and bake a few potatoes, he will like that.

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